WAC Baptist Association



We offer a variety of consultation services for the local church.  We can help with pastoral transitions, church growth, and conflict management. We can also help provide a person who can evaluate your church as a "secret shopper."  What does someone who has never been to your church before really see when they arrive?

Custom Training

We can facilitate search team training, deacon training, as well as training for Sunday School and evangelism.

Technical Advice

We can offer basic advice on a variety of technical areas such as audio and video, online streaming, tips on your website.  We can also connect your church to other churches in our area who have recently invested in technology so you can see what others have done.  We have access to individuals who specialize in technical areas who won't break the budget (in an area where you might not have budgeted anything!) 

Our Commitment

Our focus is on God's Kingdom and His glory.  Jesus Christ is the Head of His Church and we follow His lead.