WAC Baptist Association

The Kingdom belongs to the Creator.

We serve Him here in Wichita, Archer, and Clay counties, Texas.


As an association we desire to partner together to strengthen our ministry footprint in our area.  Contact us for creating partnerships with other local churches!

Our churches also partner with local non-profit ministries in our area.  You can click on the links for some of these below:
Faith Mission and Refuge
The Center
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Southern Grit Advocacy

Church Growth

We desire to help each church grow as God leads them.  We provide resources, training, and support.

While Covid-19 has caused changes in both our thinking and methodology, God's plan for His church is unchanged! Growth is possible even in the ever-changing environment around us.  We would love to partner with your church to look at ways to reach people with the message of the Gospel!


From time to time in the life of a church there is perceived need to get back on course.  Many times this requires some outside evaluation and insight.

Revitalization is a broad term that covers everything from renewed commitment to replanting the church from scratch.  More information on revitalization can be found here:

The North American Mission Board
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Church Planting and Revitalization Podcast
Replant Bootcamp Podcast

News and Updates

Our Annual Meeting was a success!  We passed the 2023 budget and filled most of the positions which have rotated open.  Thanks again to Jan Lee Baptist for hosting us so well!

Shon and Janeene Young shared with us about ministry along both sides of the border at Del Rio...for more information about their ministry, click here.

Sunday afternoon, October 30th, we are hosting Shane Pruitt from NAMB to lead us in promoting evangelism in our local churches.  The event is being held at FBC Wichita Falls from 4:30 - 6:00PM.  This is a must-not-miss event!  Pastors are invited to join in a time of prayer at 3:45 PM on the 30th prior to the conference!

For more details call the WAC office 940-224-9136.

VBS Training:  
VBS training has been moved online and can be accessed year round through series of videos focused on preparing each major area of your VBS.  The videos are done from the perspective that our churches are using different curriculum and will be able to apply the principles from the video to the materials they have chosen.
Click Here

Ongoing Ministry Partnerships

WAC churches have partnered both financially and long term with two specific ministries in which we help provide board members: The Baptist Student Ministry at Midwestern State University and Camp Chaparral Retreat Center.

Your church can partner directly with both of these ministries to young people in a variety of ways.  For more information contact their offices:

Camp Chaparral

We work for you.

We exist to serve the churches of our association and Christ's Church across the globe. If your church has a need, please feel free to contact us for consultation and resources.

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Missionaries from Our Churches

Here are some families from our churches who serve across the globe...let us know if someone from your congregation now serves as a missionary!
White Family
North Carolina
Ostermann Family
Weaver Family
Papua New Guinea
Johnson Family